Disheartened...but determined. How do I intesify my routine?


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Nov 3, 2003
Well I used to be pleased wtih my gains and size but then I started reading different post about the correct way to measure and what not from various sites and I think I might've been misleading myself.

I was under the impression that I was a lil over 8.5 inches due to my flaccid stretched length , which I figured was just what your erect length would be only you didn't have to spend the time to achive a hardon. But I've tried to be more accurate and I get a discrepancy from 7.75 to 8.5 depending on how I measure. Anyways, it disheartened me a little bit, so I moer determined then ever to start makeing legitimate gains.

But I'm not entirely sure how to intesify my routine.

I'm 19, and I've been Penis Enlargementing for like 6 months now and I figure I'm not longer a "newbie " so I'd like to figure out what are some of the advanced or intermidate techiniques I can use to see legitimate gains?

right now I do 50 sets od DLD blaster (which only takes me 8 minutes since it 5 sec kegel 5 sec revese kegel. is 8 minutes too short? am I possibly doing something wrong?)

then I do about 7 minutes of streches( 3 sets straight out, down, to teh left, and to the right all for 30 seconds each)

and finish with a 20 minute jelq

and I do a 5 minute warm up followed by the hot shower to cool down.

I follow a 3 day on/one day off schedule. Is that maybe to laxed a weekly routine? should I do a 6 day on/1 day off or 5 day on/2 off or just daily no mater what?

What should I add, take away, or change to maximize my routine?
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Jun 18, 2003
Stretch for maybe another ten minutes (look around for different stretches described on this forum) and I'd say to add another 300 jelqs to your routine and see if that helps.


Jun 29, 2003
Intesity is by increasing reps and strength with stretches or grip used during jelqing . Adding other exercises, doing shock routines all change the intensity of a workout.
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