Discolouration from constrictors?

Hey guys I have been doing constrictors now for almost 3 weeks. My dick stays pretty discoulored even until the next day. I have been doing 3 on 1 off or 2 on 1 off. Does anyone know what I can do to maybe get less? Maybe I need to warm up longer since I am new to these?

My girlfriend asked why my dick was red last night (I have not told her), and it had been almost a full 24 hours since the last session. She said it looks dirty. I said maybe its my medicine or a sat on it. She caught me off gaurd and I didn't know what to say.


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I do 1-on-1-off. To warm up, I jelq for a good 10 minutes, clamp for 20, rest for 20, clamp for 20, then do an "all day clamp" deal for another 20 while I've got a heating pad on my unit. The only discoloration I've noticed is that the forward half of my penis has gotten much pinker and healthier looking lately.
Interesting... Maybe I should rest between my clampings. I usually am staying erect for a good 45 minutes. I clamp for 20, then take it off for 5 minutes of jelqs, then on again for 15-20.


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Yeah. Personally, I'd say you're being to aggressive for only 3 weeks in. I've been doing them for about 1.5 months, maybe a little more, and I'd still call myself a newbie at it. Make sure to read the guide and follow it. It'll make the time you spend clamped alot more productive.


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This dis-colouration isnt the penis itself, but the skin covering it.
Its not like some would say ''your penis dieing'' or anything CRAZY like that, they say this at CheekyCherry, so you know if ya hear it .... 110% shit.
I have the same thing, it DOES FADE when you rest and get accustomed to the intensity.
HOWEVER I have NEVER lost my whole new colour.
Was always a bit tanned down there so I dunno actually thinkin now ???
Are you tanned??? do you use a sunbed???? live in hot country??? if so than either sunbath or goto a sunbed center now and again, like once or twice perweek and than say to her thats what it is.
Cant think of anyother excuses ....... maybe the ''Its abit cold'' might help??
Also I am SURE supra and Ancient China did a dis-colouration project where they rid theres, PM them about that .. I dont know the details.

All I can say is, when ya new to clamps or ya step-up intensity like I have JUST ... you notice a more blacker cock , tanned I mean ... but once your into the shoes they should fit and all will level out, but I cant see us loseing all the tan.
Saying this some nudists would KILL for a tanned penis, its hard to tan as it burns easy by the sun and also isnt pratical is it!!!
Get ya ass tanned and you'll look like one of those fuckin Turks.


Yeah definitely do 1 on 1 off, especially this early in your clamping career. That should help with the discoloration definitely.

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