DirecTV installer allegedly goes psycho


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Jun 3, 2003
DirecTV installer allegedly goes psycho
KXTV-TV 10 Sacramento |
"[Leila Lopez] called the installer's office to complain about the missed appointment. Three hours later, the Direct TV installer showed up at the house. He was greeted by the babysitter who says the installer was angry that Lopez had called his boss to complain. They say he ripped existing cable wire from not only Lopez' house but the neighbors' house and then went on a rampage... The next door neighbor said the installer became so incensed that he threw some equipment down and hit the neighbor in the face. When Lopez called home, her terrified babysitter said she thought the installer was going to kill her. 'I just put the two babies in the room, and I locked myself in there while he was cussing and going back and forth in the house,' said Teresa Constancio... Since the police report was filed, the Lopez' car tires have been slashed... 'I need a restraining order,' Lopez said. 'He threatened to kill me if he lost his job, and he has lost his job.'"