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I think i need to change my routine. I have been using the penistretcher for nearly a month and haven't experienced much gains. I know it takes longer than that but using it everyday for hours on end is very time consuming and my penis is kind of exhausted. I have been doing pe on/off for over a year and have never really experienced the gains i was expecting.

I am thinking of switching to separate length and girth days to encourage rest and hopefully growth. What do you guys think?

I am seriously considering joining MOS and following the 3 phase program of dld's. I am currently 7 and 5 trying to get 8 and 6 but using the stretcher daily is really starting to de motivate me.

DLD i hope you will offer some advice.


is 1 and 1 a realistic goal given my current size?
I think i will -i need a solid program.


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After a period of NO gains ie; a few months, change your routine to stimulate new growth.
I'm new here too...Good luck...stay focused and the gains will come :)
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