Dedicate yourself to chat.


What we REALLY need is a schedule.
I propose a meeting at 8PM eastern every night (or we can do it a few days a week.)

So I think we need some kind of schedule maker/leader to put up schedules we can all follow. I'd personally come in 8PM everyday and wouldn't mind.


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good, we need to keep the MOS chat alive even though others will prefer the MIRC client just released, but I dont....cant be arsed DL software and fucking about rofl

I am in the UK so I dunnno what 8pm Eastern time is tome.....I think it would be too late for me?????

All post when you will/can be in the DEFAULT MOS chatroom.


The bottom line is that we need a set schedule.
I have went through experiences when calls for special events were announced. The ones that always failed:

1. Never had a schedule


2. Had a schedule nobody was comfortable with.
unfortunate for us, a lot of us are in different time zones. dunno if we can really get a chat that a lot of people can come to.. I don't want to be nagative, lets try and work something out, say we tried ya know? and if it works out it'll be awesome