Decapitation threats motivate Iraq pullout


Jun 3, 2003
Decapitation threats motivate Iraq pullout
Canadian Broadcasting |
"A Jordanian company said on Tuesday it's pulling out of Iraq under threats of violence in the country and at home. Two of the company's employees are being held hostage by Iraqi militants. And now, relatives of the kidnapped workers in Jordan are threatening to behead the manager of the firm and kill its employees if it doesn't meet the kidnapper's demands... On Monday, a group calling itself the Mujahedeen Corps in Iraq kidnapped Daoud and Partners drivers Fayez Saad al-Udwan and Mohammad AHydromaxed Salama al-Manaya'a... [Al-Manaya's father told] a group of reporters gathered outside the company's office in Amman: 'We will chop off the head of the firm's director if he doesn't heed our demands to completely cease his operation in Iraq.'"

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