I got a freakin thrombosed vein AGAIN. I swear I need to calm down with my exercises. How many of you work through them? I'm tired of taking off 2 weeks to let these things heal, just to lose my non-cemented gains.
Well, that was quick. It healed up already but I'm going to give it a few days just to be sure. So... disregard this post.
Hey Spektrum--

It's been a long time. It's really funny because I was going to post a note that you should not despair because each thrombosed vein is different. Since we PM'd in December I had another thrombosed vein and it healed just like yours did -- in just a couple of days!
Yeah, they some seem to just pop up... and then disappear.

I think I hit it too hard, too fast. I recently started Penis Enlargement'ing again after a month or so break. My ex-girlfriend hated the fact that I did it and could usually tell. Well, I dumped her and now I'm back, lol

Good to hear from you again!
yeah, DLD. I had two of them. The first you know about. I would consider it moderate at least. The second healed in two days or so. I think it is like tennis elbow, each incident is completely different.
It's the damnest thing with these thrombosed veins-
you really can't make an accurate diagnosis if there is no localized pain involved, since the penile veins seem to vary in hardness and sometimes even in location every now and then. One day you might have what looks like a thrombosed vain right on top of the shaft, and the next day it's gone... ?:(

Right now I MIGHT have a slight case of thrombosis- but it's hard to tell for sure, so I'll just keep on plugging away for now unless it starts getting worse.

How long do you guys usually let it heal if you get one?


Bah. I've had one for months now and I just ignore it! At first I didn't know what it was so I didn't know I should quit. After 2 months or so it started to heal up even with me Penis Enlargementing. It's still there a little bit but I think it should be gone within another month or so.