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Nov 16, 2003
I've always had a really bad curve to the right. When i signed up for the paysite I did the exercices DLD suggested and it almost totally fixed the problem. But lately it's been coming back, and the exercices on the paysite haven't done anything at all even if i've been doing them hardcore for the last 5 weeks. I was wondering if someone who has experience with fixing curves(Germanstallion comes to my mind...) could give me a list of the best exercices along with some explanations on how to perform them.
Aug 23, 2003
Check out the C-Jelqs .

Bends also help in this area. My pictures are in the picture proof section and I've straightened out my curve quite a bit using bends and c-jelqs .

I don't know why the curve would be coming back. Did you stop doing the corrective exercises? That might be the reason, because your penis hadn't 'cemented'.
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