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I started a new routine, a couple of weeks ago, before I posted I wanted to make sure I liked it and wanted to stick with it! Its the best routine I've done so far IMO!

Here it is!
6am: When I wake up I do 10 mins of stretching , up, down, and side to side.
4pm: I get home from work and do 20 mins of clamp work. Usually in this session I just do the basic constrictors, exercise #1 in REDs guide.
4:25pm: I set up my ADC. Get half erect and clamp it on.
7pm : I loosen my ADC in order for me to get erect, and do another 20 mins of constrictors. This session I usually do U-bends.
7:25 pm: I strap my ADC on again, gettin half erect then clamping!
10pm : This is the most intense part of my routine, and it feels great! I can really feel my penis being pushed beyond its limits with this last session, plus the tape measure does not lie! I do 20 mins of exercise #1 of REDs constrictor guide. At the end of 20 mins it feels like I can't take anymore. So I take the clamp off, and begin to do manual stretches for 20 mins, mostly straight down and plenty of A-stretches . Then I edge for 10 min to expand my penis natrually for its health.

I am currently doing this routine 5 on and 2 off, on off days I usually do some manual stretches to help promote length gains!

I am currenty at full erection 8.5 x 6 I'm pushing for 9 ASAP. And would like to hit 6.25 soon as well!


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Thanks RED!

Last night me and my girl got into a fight, so I just laid down and went to sleep. I had done clamp work all day. So at 5:00 in the morning I woke up and my girl was sucking my dick!! I hate this chick sometimes, but i love her to death man. Anyway, she sterted saying, damn your dick is bigger, then she said put it in my pussy for a second I want to see what its feels like lol Man We ended up fucking until 6 in the morn....she got up afterwards and went to work with a smile on her face and I just went back to sleep with a sore ass penis lol

After I came the inside of my penis felt sore as it kinda hurt some, the pain was mostly at the base, so I decided to take the day off today, cause she wants some more sex tonight!! lol I believe the pain came from all the clamping I've been doing latley, my penis was just tired, but it stayed rock hard, I mean ROCK hard. She kept commenting on how good my dick felt...She kept saying I feel it, its bigger, oh it feels so good....damn waht a turn on man...I love Penis Enlargement!!!
Dam ed sounds like a good routine!! Keep that little lady happy!! And ahem some new pics would be nice :D!!


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I'm ADCing right now, and my hang is huge! I just came back from a local grocery store , and I caught a huge 300lbs chick staring at my package! lol

I'm going to post a thread on my knowledge of ADC when I get just a little more experience under my belt!


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So I've been keeping up with this. My flaccid is thicker no doubt. I begining to have trouble puting on my insulation to get my clamp on.

Lets see I've accidently feel asleep with the clamp on twice lol Not a bad thing but not a good thing either. Both times I woke up wanting to relieve my cock of the pressure inside it, but both tmes I was completly erect when I woke up. I was haveing those nocturnal woodys! That means my penis is healthy! The longest I slep like that was 4 hours, the second time I did it I was taking a small nap, like an hour. Like I said it was accidently.
My average time in ADC for a day is about 5 hours. All done at one time. No problems so far. Actually my penis thinks this is normal now. The more I do it the less I notice I have my ADC on. My penis also feels fatter, but have not done an erect girth measurement for a little while. My BPFSL is getting very close to 9in. Its always longer after a session of ADC. The penis is very stretchy after a good 4 hours clamped!


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Great to hear about your progress!! Keep up the good work! :D



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I've been short on time latley so I have'nt been around much. Though I have managed to get all my Penis Enlargement workouts in! ADC and clamping together is slowly making my dick fat. I've gotten above 6.5 midshaft while clamped. I am a little over 6in at midshaft 6 1/8in. My glans is getting larger too! I want to even out my cock some. I'm very close to 6.5 ant the base 6 1/8in at mid and 5.75 at the head. So it shaped like a rocket! I'd rather have it nealry the same all around. My lenght has I believe increased a little. I think I have cemented 8.5 fully erect BPL now! My BPFSL is right at the 8 3/4in mark. After a good session I can go above that but not quite 9 yet.
I'm not so sure about bulging in public now days. I had a fucked up experience in a shopping mall where this dude followed me into the restroom, I had ADC on so I was really bulging. But I was not trying to, I was just doing my Penis Enlargement routine. Anyway I went into a stall and shut the door behind me, loosened my ADC and began to piss. After I get done pissing I try to get semi-hard so I can tighten my ADC again, then is when I looked up and saw some fuckin pervert looking over the stall wall at me wacking my meat so I could get my ADC to work again. I said "What the fuck are you doing man" He took off running out of the restroom. He saw my ADC set up and all. He was probably like wht the fuck is that thang on this dudes huge cock! Tehn later that day6 I got to a part of the city that has a lot of shops and shit, I wanted to pick up some new sounds, and these tow dudes walk by me from behind. It was hot I was wearing a wife beater and some sweats. He turned his head to look at me. I thiught nothing of it, until he basically started circling me making it obvious he was gawking my bulge. I just walked away. On a good note I did walk by these 2 black chicks (my flavor) and after I made it by them one blurted out, We like your dick! I turend my head too look and grin, I said "What" the other one then got embarrased by her friends comments and said We like your shoes! Yeah right my shoes were fucked up. I just said thanks and walked away. Though I never knew showing a bulge would get you so much attention. Man you outta see some of tthe looks I get from people. Married men, women, girls, oh did I mention girls! Some people look disgusted by it, while other just lock there eyes on to it until you walk by!

On my way to my goal 10 x 7 almost there! Hell yeah!
Whoa! Just what kinda bulge are you flashing? There >>are<< standards of decency, y'know. :)

Seriously, your unit is so massive it needs a cage... or maybe a leash.

Take care, bro. Wouldn't want you to get popped for indecent exposure. Some people are really hardass about that.

Good luck with the new routine.


crazyed27 said:
I begining to have trouble puting on my insulation to get my clamp on.
What do you mean by this crazyed? could you elaborate? cuz, i tried adc'in bare skin and it pinched and hurt like a bitch. what "insulation" method or whatever do you use that you can put on quickly and take off quickly and doesn't pinch?


Alrdybig said:
What do you mean by this crazyed? could you elaborate? cuz, i tried adc'in bare skin and it pinched and hurt like a bitch. what "insulation" method or whatever do you use that you can put on quickly and take off quickly and doesn't pinch?
Check out this thread for a pic of the insulation that crazyed is talking about. You can also try some ace type bandage or a sock.

SWM also has a thread on ADC and if you haven't already, make sure to checkout RED's constrictor guide!

BTW, nice gains crazyed!! Looking forward to seeing your progress!

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