Crack buddy killed over Faces of Death


Jun 3, 2003
Crack buddy killed over Faces of Death
Canoe |
"A metal artist who killed a man after they debated the merits of the horror film Faces of Death and their failure to pick up girls was sentenced yesterday to almost eight years in prison. 'It was a savage, horrific attack,' Justice Todd Archibald said in passing the 85-month sentence on Glen Soikie, 32, for the Oct. 19, 2002, slaying of Mexican musician Jorge Garcia-Briones... Garcia-Briones' head was bashed in with a wrench, leaving 18 cuts on his scalp and exposed brain matter in the attack at Soikie's bizarre Geary Ave. loft... Soikie met Briones, 24, at a rock concert the night he killed him. They drank and smoked crack-cocaine, and then got into an argument over Faces of Death, a 1978 horror documentary that features death scenes."

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