Corrupt southern sheriff pleads guilty


Jun 3, 2003
Corrupt southern sheriff pleads guilty
Greensboro News & Record |
"In Davidson County Superior Court last Monday, gone were the aviator shades, the paramilitary garb and the Dirty Harry swagger that defined the embattled sheriff for nearly a decade. Gerald Hege - Davidson County's top cop - copped a plea: guilty to obstructing justice... Despite every embarrassing news story about reckless chases, officers shooting at people or vehicles, Hege drawing a gun on another cop, jailers having sex with inmates, deputies harassing minorities and Democratic rivals, Hege rolled along with a well-oiled PR machine... Hege painted jail cells pink to humiliate prisoners, put inmates to work, and retrofitted the department with uniforms and weaponry that made it appear he was going to war. Even his office looked like a military-style bunker."

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