corpus cavernosa problem ?


Jan 21, 2004
This is something that has really been getting to me recnetly, and i was just wondering if anybody had a similar experience or could help.

The right side of my unit has a very squishy and cushioned feeling cavernosa. When i push it with my finger it doesnt resist much , seems normal. It is fat enough and healthy so it seems , its has a slight curve , but i assume thats where i've been working girth.

The left side seems very thin, and is tough to the touch , it is in a straight line from the top to the bottom, and resists when i touch it.

As a result i have a curve, which although i have always had , has become more apparent since the start of my Penis Enlargement.

I suspect the right side gets filled with more blood then the left , and wether this can be remedied with any method i dont know.

I don't know if they displays any of the symptions of peyronies but i dont think it has so far depending on what i know.

ANy hepl is much appreactiated.
Jan 12, 2004
My left side is straight and firm, and the right cc seems more pliable and large. I thought this would be corrected by anti-curve work, but to no avail, although others have reported success.

Both cc's seem to be growing fatter and I doubt that it's a certifiable problem.

I want to work the cs which leads to a bigger glans, I think.
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