Cop charged with alleged strip club shooting


Jun 3, 2003
Cop charged with alleged strip club shooting
New York Daily News |
"The veteran transit cop charged with squeezing off 12 rounds at a Staten Island strip club was fingered through ballistics evidence, prosecutors said yesterday. Jonathan Lugo, 36, of Staten Island, stared ahead silently when he was arraigned on reckless endangerment charges in Staten Island Criminal Court yesterday... Lugo, a 15-year NYPD cop assigned to Transit District 32 in Brooklyn, got into a late-night fight at Curve's on July 28 and fired 12 shots from his service Glock into the club's lobby. Somehow, no one was hit. It was not immediately clear what sparked the dispute. Investigators were able to trace the serial numbers on the bullets back to Lugo, a law enforcement source said."

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