conspiracies*:*Third World Election


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Jun 3, 2003
conspiracies*:*Third World Election

A Zimbabwe politician was quoted as saying children should study the U.S election event closely because it shows that election fraud is not only a thir world phenomenon. He illustrated his point by saying:

"Imagine that we read of an election occurring anywhere in the third world in which the self-declared winner was the son of the former prime minister and that former prime minister was, himself, the former head of that nation's secret police (the CIA).

"Imagine the self-declared winner lost the popular vote but won based on some old colonial holdover from the nation's pre-democracy past [the Electoral College].

"Imagine that the self-declared winner's 'victory' turned on disputed votes cast in a province governed by his brother.

"Imagine that the poorly drafted ballots of one district, a district heavily favoring the self-declared winner's opponent, led thousands of voters to vote for the wrong candidate.

"None of us would deem such an election to be representative of anything other than the self-declared winner's will to power. All of us, I imagine, would wearily turn the page thinking that it was another sad tale of pitiful pre- or anti-democracy peoples in some strange, faraway elsewhere."