Considering alternating, what do you guys think?

I'm considering going into a workout plan that calls for alternating months of intense length work with months of intense girth work. For example: Jan. - focus on girth, Feb. - length , Mar. girth, Apr. - length ... and so on.

My thought behind this is to hopefully keep my penis from getting too accustomed/resistant to my workouts, but going for a month so that there is enough time to make progress before switching off. I was thinking that if I hit it with an intense change every month it could help prevent plateauing.

I would love any thoughts or feedback you guys might have on this idea or if you have tried it.

Thanks, and best to all...
I personally don't think that idea would be any more effective then working both length and girth on the same day, or alternating every other day. Alternating month by month would seem to become far too much of a hassle in my opinion.

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