Confess the good and the bad about yourself here.

Jun 4, 2003
As we all go through our lives we make many mistakes and many successes. This is the thread where you can reveal what you think is your best and worst things you have ever done.

If you tell about yourself, you will learn about yourself through others.

So don't just hit the back button. Take a few minutes and share the good and the bad.
Aug 10, 2003
one bad thing is i used to trust and believe in the good of so doing I lost thousands of dollars in business...people never look to the future and just think of the 'now' and lie and cheat to get money...i am a pretty calm guy and dont let things bother is too complex for that..... i love porn (dont know if thats good or bad) ,sorry reverend LOL ....i know i am a good man in every facet, i am confident and have a bright future....sometimes i get lazy and thats no good...other times I overwork.. i guess i have to schedule myself properly...I p.e. because it makes Junior feel good and strong... Aside from that I am happy to be a member of this forum and share some time and thoughts with good people.
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