Concerns about the newbie routine...


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Aug 6, 2004
...I've been jelqing on and off for a while now but have never done stretching . I am now doing DLD's Newbie Routine and have included the stretches , but am concerned about their "end result". I do each direction specified for 30 seconds, and when the stretches are all done, my penis definitely looks thinner than usual. I guess this is natural for a stretching exercise, but it doesn't really look any longer, just thinner. Is this the "look" your penis is supposed to have after stretching ?

Also, I'm doing the 300 jelqs the newbie routine starts you off with. I've been doing this at between 80-90% erection level, which is more erect than usual for me, but seems to be around what DLD recommends. Afterwards, however, my penis again has a concerning look to it. The head of the penis looks subtly wrinkled, and around the tip of the head the whole thing has a fuzzy redness about it.

This also may just be in my head, but starting last night I'm feeling like I can't hit my usual length during hard erections. Does the penis temporaryly "weaken" after a Penis Enlargement workout that would in some way hamper erections?

Are any of these findings normal/healthy? Should I be doing jelqs with less intense erections (and with less of a grip , possibly)? And how exactly is a [newbie ] penis supposed to look after stretching ?

BTW - My natural girth is reasonable, but my GOD-- during stretches , am I the only one who gets EXTREMELY thin? Again, I know stretches do that, but it seems almost comical *how* narrow it gets.


Jun 5, 2003
Some believe that the temporary weakening is a sign that gains are right around the corner. I don't know if I personally believe in that or not, but regardless of whether you're about to experience gains, it is normal for your erections to suffer a loss of harness from Penis Enlargementing if you're relatively new to Penis Enlargement.

You will appear to be thinner after stretches , because the cells of the penis have been stretched to their maximum, and therefore won't have the same "fullness" that they usually have. It's normal, don't worry about it.

The redness that your experiencing after jelqs is due to the influx of blood into the penile chambers. Again, it's normal, everyone gets this.


Jun 6, 2004
On my first weeks of Penis Enlargement my penis always shrink'd,now after my workouts it remain pumped a feew hours until it gets to his normal size.Even after a good streching session and a warm shower my penis look more fat than normal does.In time when your dick get used to be trainned it will not get thin.Thats my opinion.


Nov 3, 2003
Stretching /hanging makes mine look tinner too. And after an intense hang/jelq /clamp session my dick definitely goes on a break where it doesn't want to get very hard. After a couple of hours (depending on intensity of workout) I'm good to go again.

Everything you have desribed sounds perfectly normal... which seems like you are doing everything correctly, which is a positive sign. Keep up the effort!
Feb 2, 2004
Don't worry about the thinning, it's only temporary. In no time flat it'll be plumpening up like a ballpark frank. Just the penis hangin' loose for a bit.
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