Common to get a thrombosed vein in the same spot?

Aug 23, 2003
As a few of you know, I had a thrombosed vein about a month ago on the right side of my shaft, about halfway up. I let it heal for over 2 weeks and it went away. I've slowly been working my way back up to more intense girth workouts again. Well, the darn thing came back. I haven't even been that intense with my girth workouts!

Its in the exact same place and its a little, tiny vein. The actual hard part is tiny, almost the size of a string. I can take a picture, but it probably wouldn't even show up that well. Anyone have any advice?


Hey man. Have you tried doing warm up jelqs for 5-10 minutes before the intense stuff? I do these, 5-10 minutes of jelqing with moderate around half erect or a little more before every one of my girth sessions. It seems to help. In fact I know it does.
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