Classified portions of Taguba Report leaked


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Jun 3, 2003
Classified portions of Taguba Report leaked
US News and World Report |
"Abuses were facilitated - and likely encouraged - by a chaotic and dangerous environment made worse by constant pressure from Washington to squeeze intelligence from detainees... the 5,000 pages of classified files in the annexes to his report show that military intelligence officers - dispatched to Abu Ghraib by the top commander in Iraq, Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez - were intimately involved in some of the interrogation tactics widely viewed as abusive... Some officers told Taguba's staff that they believed the Abu Ghraib mess had its roots in an earlier case at the Camp Bucca detention center in southern Iraq last summer. The Army developed evidence that MPs viciously attacked prisoners there, including one who had his face smashed in... Said one major who worked at Abu Ghraib: 'I'm convinced that what happened [at Abu Ghraib] would never have happened if' the Camp Bucca case had been prosecuted."