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I notice alot of guys using the cable clamp. Question #1: Where do I find one? Question #2: I'm not quite as girthy as most of you guys (I'm 4-1/2" EG) Will the cable clamp be useful for me? Will the damn thing fit well? lol. Thanx, Cush
1) I found mine at Wal Mart, although supposedly you can find them at Home Depot and related stores as well.

2) That should be fine. If the clicks don't get the clamp quite tight enough you always wrap which adds a bit of padding, so you can always wrap more without it messing with your workout and making sure you get a good fit.

Good luck!


Yea, they are at walmary, and are dirt cheap, and you will just have to use more wrap , use an ace bandage or a mens dress sock

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