City official convicted of faking stalker


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Jun 3, 2003
"City official convicted of faking stalker"
City official convicted of faking stalker
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"[Darlene Heatherington's May 2003] disappearance touched off a three-day, $15,000 manhunt, which brought Great Falls police to Las Vegas. Heatherington told police who found her in a hotel parking lot that she had been abducted, drugged and raped by a man from Alberta who had been stalking her since 2002. After she was brought back to Great Falls, officials said she recanted the abduction story and admitted to having an affair - an admission she claims was coerced - and charged her with providing police with false information... Police in Lethbridge had been monitoring the alderwoman and her city council office since October 2002, at which time she notified them that a sex-craved man was sending her disturbing letters and calling her office... But as soon as police tapped her phone, the calls stopped... When police confronted Heatherington with their suspicions, she agreed to suBathmateit to a lie-detector test. Days later, she was reported missing in Montana."


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