Circumcised VS Uncircumcised

I would like to know whether the Penis Enlargement exercises work better for circumcised or for uncircumcised penises, or if it makes a difference at all. I'm asking this question because I'm uncircumcised and I could never retract the skin from my glans because the region is simply too sensitive. :s

If possible, I'd like to know whether there are any uncircumcised men who have had substantial results and the time span it took them.

Thank you :)

Another Shy One
I think they both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Might be harder to work with an uncircumsized penis, but you've also got the advantage of extra skin to handle the extra girth.

The differences aren't that much though, so I wouldnt worry about if you were or not.
Hey aso,

I’m uncircumcised and I gained almost 2 inches in 6 months. To my opinion “gaining” has nothing to do with the fact you are circumcised or not.
Start training your too sensitive region!