Childkiller applies for witchcraft correspodence course


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Jun 3, 2003
"Childkiller applies for witchcraft correspodence course"
Childkiller applies for witchcraft correspodence course
Scottish Daily Record |
"Child-killer Ian Huntley is trying to become a witch behind bars. The Soham monster - serving life for the murder of 10-year-old pals Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman - has applied to study for the priesthood of the pagan creed of Wicca - which prisoners can learn at the taxpayers' expense... As part of his witchcraft lessons, Huntley would follow a Wiccan course book handed out to prison staff. It states: 'You will learn the inner principles and secrets of Witchcraft. You will develop a broad range of powerful magickal skills. You will learn how to weave spells, work magic, create rituals, celebrate Wiccan festivals, bring yourself into alignment with the deepest forces at work in this Universe andon this planet.' ... insiders are convinced he will follow Britain's worst serial killer, Dr Death Harold Shipman, who hanged himself in Wakefield Jail in January. Huntley told one jail source: 'I am going to end up dying in this shithole.'"


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