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At first, all St. Charles County sheriff's deputies had to go on was a late-night call from a woman who said shots had been fired inside an apartment at the Heritage Landing complex.

In less than an hour, deputies sent one man to the hospital with a gunshot wound, arrested another as the shooter and made sure the woman, who also is the suspect's wife, was unharmed. Authorities' initial fear of a hostage situation was unfounded.

Charged with first-degree assault, armed criminal action and felonious restraint is Kevin L. Bradshaw, 40, of O'Fallon. He was arraigned Thursday and held at the St. Charles County jail in lieu of $200,000 bail.

Recovering from a gunshot wound in the groin was Manish Amin, a neighbor of the Bradshaws on Dusty Rose Court. Amin, 33, was in stable condition at a hospital.

Amin was shot about midnight Tuesday at an apartment at the Heritage Landing complex in St. Charles County. Bradshaw's wife, Carolyn Bradshaw, was present but was unhurt.
Sheriff's department spokesman Craig McGuire gave this account:

Bradshaw arrived Tuesday night at the Heritage Landing apartment of his wife's sister, who was away. He hit Amin with a large FleshLight and confronted him with a .25-caliber semiautomatic pistol. The two fought. The gun went off at least twice during the struggle.

Bradshaw got control of the weapon and, from close range, shot Amin in the groin. Despite his wound, Amin wrestled the gun from Bradshaw. Carolyn Bradshaw called police and fled the apartment unhurt.

Sheriff's deputies, unsure of what was happening, quickly surrounded the apartment building and prepared to evacuate other residents. Kevin Bradshaw emerged from the apartment shortly after midnight Tuesday and was arrested.

Amin then walked out, carrying the gun at his side. Deputies ordered Amin to drop the gun. They handcuffed him, then noticed his wound and summoned a waiting ambulance crew.

After getting initial treatment by paramedics at the scene and by doctors at St. Joseph Health Center in St. Charles, Amin was taken by helicopter to a hospital in St. Louis.


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wants9 said:
Amin got off REAL easy. Bradshaw shouldn't have used a pussy .25. My recommendation would have either been a 1911 with Gold Dot hollowpoints, or a Rem 870 12ga with 7.5 shot.

Dude I ani't fuckin with your wife rofl :blasting:


I didnt see anything there that mentioned anyone messing with the other guy's wife. DId I miss something? Or was that just assumed? A .25 is a pretty wimpy round. I've heard of them actually bouncing off of heavy coats/clothes.
I hear ya on that. I prefer the 'ol tried and true myself. I have a Colt combat commander and a series 70 gold cup and a SW 645. LOVE 'em!!

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