Changing my erection angle


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Jun 4, 2003
Was hoping perhaps DLD or some of the vets could help me out. My erection angle is probably about 65-70 degrees, which is annoying, because it slumps down. It would be understandable if it was 8 inches or so, but its more like 6 and 13/16 BPenis EnlargementL. Does anybody on this forum know a way of changing my erection angle? I've been pointing my dick upwards in my underwear at night so its in an upward state all night, and if I wake up with morning wood its being pressed upwards. Think this could help?


Jun 3, 2003
I think that general pe, particularly girth exercises, will increase your erection angle. I also think a daily PC workout will greatly improve your angle. I do not think size has a whole lot to do with erection angle IMO.. I am straighter than 12:00 which I attribute to a good PC program.


A while back I recall someone posting elsewhere about "towel lifts". They were supposed to be good for raising erection angle. I dont have personal experience with them, so I cannot personally vouch for the effectiveness if any. Basically, you obtain an erection while standing and then, hang a wash rag or hand towel over your glans and proceed to do kegels. Kegel at different intensities and speeds making an effort to make the towel/rag bounce up and down. I cant advise you on what kind of routine to do with these...I guess just experiment and see if they do anything for you. Of course like everything else in Penis Enlargement, it takes dedication and consistency.
Sep 14, 2003
Still is describing weighted kegels, ive done them and i dont think they are great for changing erection angle. But give them a try maybe youll have better luck.
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