Jun 5, 2003
This is a variation of the 2-handed squeeze, which I've been experimenting with, and it really ups the intensity.
(1) Do this with at least 90% erection
(2) Place left hand (palms up) at base of penis. Clamp the base tightly with just your bottom 2 or 3 fingers (depending on your penis size & hand size).
(3) Place your right hand (palms down) around your glans. Begin to clamp the tip with just your bottom 2 fingers.
(4) Get a snug, compact grip as explained above.
(5) Slowly close 1 more finger at base, then 1 more at top.
(6) Do this until the forefinger of each hand is clasping your penis.
(7) Your fingers will be "rolling" closed (like a caterpillar walking - hence the name).
Caution: As you are not moving your hands, just curling your fists shut, you can generate far more intensity upon your penis than you can with a jelqing motion. These are brutal - be careful.
Tips: Do these slowly, and with force. Always make sure that the hand at the base is clamped tightly, preventing the blood from being forced out of the penis. Also, do these only after your penis is very warmed up - and is definitely NOT for newbies. I try to hold very tight for at least 15 seconds - depending on the level of discomfort/pain. Then I shake the penis out thoroughly, maybe do a few jelqs , then do another Caterpillar.
I've just started these, so I don't have any gains to report - but they're nasty (if done correctly).


Jun 5, 2003
Hey WaxN,

I tested your Caterpillar yesterday or better I tried to test. Unfortunately with 90% my girth is to big to apply enough force to cut off blood flow with my small and ringfinger.

Others may face this problem too (REDZULU for sure!) thus you didn't get any response up to now.

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