Castrato's house shot up on eve of court trial


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Jun 3, 2003
Castrato's house shot up on eve of court trial

"A rare 'malicious castration' trial got off to a shaky start Tuesday when it was revealed that the victim's house had been shot up the night before. Then the suspect, 25-year-old Robert Duran Johnson, fled the courthouse after an afternoon break in the state's presentation of its case, police said... Extra deputies ringed the courtroom Tuesday in which Johnson was on trial for kidnapping another man, beating him and shooting off his penis [!!!] in what was portrayed as a gang-related altercation on Easter Sunday 2003... According to veteran court officials, the trial is the first time in memory that a castration charge has been prosecuted in Durham... The victim said physicians sewed his penis back on. 'But it still ain't right,' he testified. 'They told me I can't have kids. It's just not normal like it used to be.'"