Casino accused of promoting loansharks, hookers


Jun 3, 2003
Casino accused of promoting loansharks, hookers
Vancouver CBC |
"A CBC News investigation has uncovered allegations about illegal activities at casinos run by Great Canadian Casinos Inc. in B.C. Former employees have given sworn statements in the U.S. that loansharks operated on the premises – and that some managers looked the other way... 'We'd been advised by our bosses that's it's not really our business to stick our noses in the business of the loan sharks, that we are there just to watch the games and not worry about those activities anymore,' [former employee Proka Avramovic] says. Avramovic says the B.C. casinos banned certain loan sharks but allowed others to stay. 'Obviously the company wanted to keep them there because they are bring lots of money into the casino.'"

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