It really sucks because im really thick too. I've add hanging into the rountine about 3 weeks ago... what do you guys suggest?
just basically Jelqing 30min, and hanging 2 or 3 sets (later in the day) - 15min each
My suggestion: give it time. You're already well ahead of the game if you're knocking on Seven's door (pardon the pun). With a little hard work and dedication you'll be there before you know it, believe me.
If you want length - add some manual streches in! Do a search on the forum to discover a wide variety. :)


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Try to take focus off the number 7. I know this sounds silly, but, when I am over consumed with a particular number I need to play some head games to remedy the situation. I will use myself as an example and hopefully this will make sense. For a very long time I thought 10" was impossible for me. I thought about the number all the time. I was consumed with TEN. It wasn't until I changed my thoughts to 11 that I was EASILY able to pass 10. When I stopped giving 10 so much strength is when I was able to defeat it.

Not trying to get off the topic,but isnt level of arousal very important during pe. I mean when i do my stretches its a mental thing and a physical thing,after a while it'll feel like i'm pulling my dick past its erectile length in a flaccid one.


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also try some REAL intense streching - manuel or hanging - this will help BIG TIME, got me past that dreaded fuckin 7 inch mark.

Link to dlds 110 pulse stretches that kick ya mutha fucka ass

also [you;ll have to find this ya self] the Squat stretches are my tip too.

Ask in the hanging section for pointers their.
Dont aim for inches, My advice is aim for 1/10th's of an inch [0.1 / 0.10] that way you wont be down when it seems ya not gaining.


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In the grand scheme of my Penis Enlargement venture, I'm still a beginner and I do mostly basic stretching . However, I added A stretches as the next step up, and I noticed how much more I seem to get out of them, versus a basic type of stretch . They're not as intense as some of the stretches out there, but a good step up towards an advanced routine. I would try adding them consistently to your routine.

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