Cannibal killer convicted


Jun 3, 2003
Cannibal killer convicted
London Daily Record |
"A triple killer who shot a teenager while high on drugs and later ate part of his body has been found guilty of murder. Schizophrenic Marc Sappington, 25, claimed that voices ordered him to kill 16-year-old Alton 'Fred' Brown Jr and dismember his corpse. He later cooked and ate a small part of Brown's leg. In a filmed confession shown to the court in Kansas, Sappington said the voices told him he had to eat flesh and blood or he would die... Sappington, who admitted to taking the hallucinogenic drug PCP at the time of the killing, was also convicted of the murders of Terry Green, 25 and Michael Weaver Jr, 22, in a four-day killing spree in April 2001."

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