Canadian anti-spam law utterly feckless


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Canadian anti-spam law utterly feckless
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"It was supposed to stop spammers cold, but after six months in effect, the U.S. Can-Spam Act is a failure, an e-mail security company says. Vircom, the Montreal-based developer of Modus e-mail security services, says that only one in 7,500 spam messages complies with the law... Examining more than half a million messages that originated from the United States, home to the greatest number of spammers, Vircom found that about 31% had a legitimate subject line, 7% had an active reply address, 0.024% had a physical postal address, and 3.7% contained a notice that it was an advertisement or solicitation. But of the 547,685 messages examined, only 71 - 0.013% - complied with Can-Spam."