Can you get a hanger from a sexshop or a website?

I would rather buy one than make one!


Here's a link to one of the best hangers made.
Bib Hanger
I am going to get one of thos, they look pretty good, but i don't know which one to get (BIB hanger or BIB starter) they say that the BIB hanger fits a 6" x 5" EL, but i don't wanna buy it (its like $100.00) and it be too small, i take it the hanger grips just below the head (glans) just like when you manual stretch , so are they saying that this length (between the base and below the head) has to be 6"?
Any help is appreciated!


i checked the site but why the hell is it so expensive?
no offence but the materials used look rather cheap to get, as for the construction it looks very simple.
i think it would be better to construct one my self but i don't know :/

what is the cause of the hefty pricetag?


Dudes, you want a cheap hanger - build one. The BIB is a finely made device with custom molded parts and one must pay for the labor and materials that go into it. $100 for a Penis Enlargement device? Have you looked at other Penis Enlargement products? Take a look at the JES extender, the penis plus, the penimaster, Hell - even a good pump - and then complain about the BIB . Ask Supra how much he has spent on worthless Penis Enlargement stuff. $100 for a device that actually works is a bargain. If you don't want to spend the money, fine. But don't rag on a great, and proved, product because you are not willing to pay a reasonable price.

LeeJun, I am 7.75 x 6 erect, 5.5 x 5 flaccid. The regular fits me OK, but based on conversations with stillwantsmore and others - I wish I had gotten a starter. Unless you are larger than me, get the starter (and save a few $$ too!) You will be happier with it. And do get the theraband with it...


Hmmm now I see why.
I've never looked at other Penis Enlargement tools so for me it looked quite expensive. I need to save my money but I definitly want to buy one and also become member of MOS ;)

One thing more I need to know about you BIB users. Hows the durability of this thing?


I agree with PirateSteve! The bib is well worth it, and will last a long friggin time, and can be adjusted as you gain. As for the cost of the BIB , I think also, that it is fair! The cost of having an injection mold made is astronomical, and when you talk about the use of molds in the BIB 's construction, that is 2 molds(left and right)! So in total Bib has had to have at least 4 molds made! 1 set for the BIB , 1 set for the starter! And chances are he has probably had to expand on the amount of molds that he has, in order to accommodate the demand, which equals $$$$$$$$ on his part!!! Besides there are many other things that you can do with the BIB , than just hang! I could not think of not having it in my pe arsenal!!! Another way to put it: how much would you give to have a 10x7 cock?A $100? Well if you get a BIB you will have that potential!!Not having a pop at you, I just don't want you to pass up a good thing, and to be blinded by the cost of it!See it as a good investment! I bought mine for $135. so it has come down some.

I'm gonna order it on the 5th January, which is when i get payed.
So i should have it mid-Jan, and then i can join the Hanging marathon thing!

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