Can you control your dreams? Ever been to twilight zone?


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Dec 5, 2003
Really. I took a look back at what dreams I had last night, and they were all dreams that I think about, I dreamed I was Superman and everything that came with it. Other nigts I will be on a island. Sometimes, my dreams from last night will come into my new dreams tonight. I relized that I can mostly control my dreams. If I go to sleep on a empty stomach and I think and focus on something, a certain something and a world to which I want to be in, I will mostly get there once I fall asleep. I think dreams are one of the ways our mind keeps it healthy while we are asleep. It makes itself be vivid and spectacular.

Some people can never remember there dreams right after they wake up, some can only for a little while, but I can remeber mine for years after, epecially the ones I want to remember. Some dreams I have, I am superman, my favorite action hero, of coarse, and I can do everything he can. Others is me in the Military, others id larger than life stuff were you can fly. I had a dream I was Neo as well. I notice that hte things that I value in my life are very present in my dreams.

What do you guys think of dreams? What are your dreams? Sometimes I wish i would never wake up. They are so amazing, at least the good ones. The bad ones, I want outa there asap. I think dreams have a lot to do with your hormone levels, last time you ate and so on. I did eat late last night, and I had a bad one, if I dont eat late, I never have bad ones, only good ones. Either way though I still remember all my dreams if I choose to.

Have you ever been in that spot were your not really awake and your not really asleep? I call it the twilight zone. Sometimes my dreams are the most vivd there than while I am asleep, I can be there for up to 3 hours if I try. Its like floating on air.

What are you experinces?
Feb 25, 2004
Yea I always have dreams right before I wake up, when I'm half asleep. I've had some wacko ones lately like getting out of my car to save a family from being eaten by a mountain lion on the beach where I live in florida. Another one I had featured me eating 3 boxes of cinamon toast crunch and having my stomach pumped. There soem others that made wonder if I had been using any drugs in my sleep but I can't remember most of em.