can someone briefly explain to me what a 'uli' is?

Dec 23, 2003
I tried searching and there's nothing on the pay-site, I am trying supra slammers so just a brief explanation would help a lot!


Sure, check the girth link in my signature. I have a demonstration pic.


Jun 3, 2003
Copied from Penis EnlargementFORUM:

The Uli #3 is a method for gaining girth, particularly
around the head. Basically, you get a partial erection
, grab your penis with the OK grip a couple of inches
behind the head, and trap blood between where your
fingers are holding and the head of your penis. Then
you pull toward the head, forcing the blood toward the
head, engorging the area to the max.

Uli hasn't been posting on this board. I had copied
these posts from Sciman's Penis Enlargement board just before it


description of Uli's routine. (This is Uli speaking.)

Beginning at the base of your penis shaft, still while
in a semi-erect state, encircle the shaft in a tight
OK finger grip and move your ""finger ring" towards
the meatus, engorging the shaft and the penis head.
Squeeze 5 times, let up the pressure, and repeat this
routine 10 times.

This final exercise will dramatically increase the
size of your penis head and add much girth to the
penis, but you must do it without fail every AM and
PM. My meatus is nearly 9 1/8 inches in circumference,
so large my girlfriend sometimes experiences pain
during sex unless I keep it very slick with lubricant.


In step #3, I don't use a milking motion. With a 3/4
erection, no more (for safety's sake perhaps!), slide
your overhand OK sign fingers firmly up the shaft,
engorging the meatus and at least half the shaft. Each
pumping stroke is about 1 second, during which the
engorged section will visibly increase in size. Don't
overdo it in the beginning. After a few weeks you can
safely apply more pressure. This is particularly
effective to develop a large snake head rather
quickly. In fact, you may truly surprise yourself at
the rapid growth, if you just keep the routine.

while milking I always use the overhand grip , with
particular pressure being applied to the sides of the
shaft, where I think the greatest growth takes place.

Have been doing this routine both morning and evening,
with every 3rd day off.
Hope this helps...good luck!!


Jan 6, 2004
Call me crazy, but I still do not entirely follow. DLD's pasted test says to grip below the head as well as from the base and slide up the shaft (sounds like jelq to me). Whereas SWM's pic has him gripping the base. Any clarity please? :)
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