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Jun 7, 2003
Somehow a website took over my Internet Explorer. Everytime I start it, it overrides the startup web page I have set. It also, changes my toolbar setups. I looked in my startup directory and nothing is there. Any ideas where the program could be that is doing this? Really irritating.



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Jun 8, 2003

My first suggestion (assuming you are running some form of windows) is to go into start -> settings -> control panel, then choose add/remove programs. Then look through there and see if there are any toolbar type entries in there. Just remember to know what you are uninstalling before you do it...wouldnt want to ruin your computer. So what i do is for every entry in there that i do not know about, i do a search and see what it is exactly and then determine if i can remove it or not.

Hope that helps!


Sep 6, 2003
I had the same thing happen a month or two ago. It was called prolivation hijacker. Here's an article that I used to get rid of it..

What is takes over your ability to view webpages by attaching the URL

in front of any web page you try to visit. In essence, this destroys the ability to view web pages since currently the domain is actively registered but dormant. The script itself allows the site to monitor visited URLs and/or redirect the requests, add popups, etc. Adult sites may be substituted for the requested site.

How does hijack my homepage?
The hijacker edits the registry as well as editing the file to reset the home and search pages for Internet Explorer. Because of these changes to your system the hijacker program is difficult to remove.

How to I Remove
Follow these instructions to manually remove the hijacker from your system.

• Click on Start, Run
• Type in REGEDIT and press Enter
• In the left column, click the plus signs (+) next the the following items
• Click on the Default Prefix folder
• In the Right Pane, double-click on (DEFAULT) in the name column, and change the value to http:// and click OK
• Now in the Left Pane, click on Prefixes
• In the Right Pane, double-click on FTP in the name column and change the value to ftp:// and click OK
• Double-click on GOPHER in the name column and change the value to gopher:// and click OK
• Double-click on HOME in the name column and change the value to http:// and click OK
• Double-click on MOSAIC in the name column and change the value to http:// and click OK
• Double-click on WWW in the name column and change the value to http:// and click OK

Because this hijacker may change the default home and search page URLs, its also wise to check the following file for changes.

• Open My Computer, and click on Tools
• Click on Folder Options
• Click on the View tab
• Make sure "Show Hidden Files and Folders" is dotted and "Hide extensions for known file types" is unchecked
• Click on Ok
• Double-click on Drive C in My Computer
• Double-click on Windows (or WINNT for NT/W2K/XP)
• Double-click on the INF folder
• Right-click on IERESET.INF, and OPenis EnlargementN WITH Notepad.exe
• Find the [Strings] and make sure it does not contain ""
• If it is set to "" change the start_page_url and search_page_url values.
• For IE 6, this would be:
• Save the file


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Jun 20, 2003
Originally posted by doublelongdaddy
So happy I'm rockin' a mac:)
Yes, but word processing on a Mac sucks compared to PC, unless I just haven't learned enough yet. Appleworks gives me more problems than Word ever did.
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