Cambodian whores in double-blind AIDS drug study


Jun 3, 2003
Cambodian whores in double-blind AIDS drug study
San Francisco Chronicle |
"At the 15th International AIDS Conference, Johns Hopkins University infectious-disease researcher Dr. Joel Gallant suddenly found himself surrounded Tuesday by angry, chanting Cambodian prostitutes... About 30 protesters, who took over the stage for 15 minutes, held signs declaring the maker of the drug, Gilead Sciences of Foster City, 'uses sex workers for free.' ... 900 HIV-negative 'beer girls,' who work the bars in Phnom Penh, are being recruited for a study in which some will be given tenofovir and others, a placebo. After a year, the women will be tested to see whether there are fewer HIV cases among those who got the drug. The study is in fact being conducted not by Gilead but by researchers at UCSF, funded by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."

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