California utility admits lost fissile materials


Jun 3, 2003
California utility admits lost fissile materials
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"Pacific Gas & Electric said on Friday that it had lost track of three pieces of spent nuclear fuel it last used in the late 1960s, although the utility said there was no threat to public safety. The San Francisco-based utility, a unit of PG&E Corp. said the nuclear fuel was from the now closed Humboldt Bay nuclear plant near Eureka in northern California... The used nuclear fuel consisted of three, half-inch diameter by 18-inch long segments, weighing a total of about 4 pounds, which were cut from a single, seven-foot fuel rod in 1968. 'You could use that kind of material for a dirty bomb but it was probably lost long before 9/11 and they are just now accounting for it,' said David Lochbaum, nuclear safety engineer for the Union of Concerned Scientists."

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