CACI allegedly tortures prisoners, gives ethics training


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Jun 3, 2003
CACI allegedly tortures prisoners, gives ethics training
"When new employees at the White House want to learn about government ethics, the office that hires them sends a check for $20 (plus $3.25 postage) to CACI Productions Group... CACI Productions is a division of CACI International, a sprawling software and intelligence services company based in London, with offices all over the United States. CACI employs an unknown number of 'interrogation specialists' deployed overseas and within the U.S., including those stationed at Abu Ghraib. Company recruitment ads describe the job as 'exciting' and subject to 'moderate supervision.' ... The Army report on at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq named two civilian employees of CACI International among four people suspected of sharing primary responsibility for the abuse of Iraqi prisoners."