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Jun 18, 2003
I've read articles in many different places about jelqing . Most all info about how to do it states that you should resist the urge to ejaculate during the excercise and for a while afterwards. But the reason given is to "Teach control". Well, if that's all it's good for, as long as you already clocked in your time working out for that session and you already know how to control yourself, what harm is there in letting it fly? Save all that bio-chemical hormonal mumbo jumbo, please.


Jun 8, 2003
This is a controversial question Godsize. Some say that you shouldn't masturbate for at least 2 hours before your session and 2-3 hours after. This is because some believe that ejaculation somehow decreases the level testosterone and some chemical enzymes that are critical to growth. There is no real scientific evidence that I know of to this theory.

Others say that if you become stimulated during a session and "let it go" that there is no real harm done, ejaculation doesn't affect growth one way or another.

But then there are others that say to wait only for an hour after a session to pleasure yourself. And another opinion is that you shouldn't ejaculate at all on your Penis Enlargement days, although I have only read this a couple of different times.

It's all very confusing. Myself, If I'm close to the end of a session and feel like it I will follow through, but I usually don't feel like it and don't masturbate on most Penis Enlargement days. I guess what I'm saying is I don't think there is any real harm with indulging oneself during a session, but I don't make a habit out of it since I always lose time for that session because after orgasm I don't feel like trying to continue the session.


I for one have learned from personal experience that ejaculating before or after pe will not affect my gains. However I have also learned that if I plan to do intense girth work (back in the day when I did girth work) ..ejaculating beforehand made any type of productive girth workout impossible due to less erection ability. Common sense right? Ejaculating AFTER a workout is ok. I absolutely will NOT ejaculate right before I hang weights. I will end up with a very sore dick and wont be able to hang all my sets. Must have something to do with the tissues contracting during ejaculation/orgasm?


Jul 10, 2003
A little pitching off the mound in the bullpen before starting the game is always a good thing.
I CAN NOT do a session of stretching without getting erect. It just can't happen. So I need a little something before hand to help with that.

I have nothing to compare it to, but I must say I'm impressed with my growth thus far.
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