Bush, Kerry websites quite hackable


Jun 3, 2003
Bush, Kerry websites quite hackable
Wired |
"Security analyst Richard Smith did a quick check of the Bush and Kerry campaign sites and found several security problems on each, all of which are common on many other websites. But after Smith posted a report of his findings to several security lists, others opted to do a deeper analysis and found some significant problems on Bush's website. One researcher used a commercial program called GFI LANguard to scan Bush's site. He said he found over 30 security faults. The researcher asked not to be identified because of concern that his scans could be construed as illegal under the Patriot Act... the security problems on the Bush site include potential vulnerabilities that could conceivably allow a malicious attacker to gain remote control over the server, crash it, tamper with information on Web pages and compromise stored information."

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