Burn Concern!!


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Jun 28, 2003
Help!! I stopped Penis Enlargement for awhile, but now I started back up. Now everytimg I use a piece toilet paper/a napkin to grip around the ridge of my glans to stretch , I seem to cause a slight friction burn or irritation to the area I was gripping . The thing is that while I am doing the stretching I do not feel the pain, but once I let go or afterwards there is a aching pain and the area I was gripping becomes tender to the touch. It even scabs up if it is bad enough. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? What is a good way to get a secure grip without the causing such an injury? Any advice will be greartly appreciated(espically if you have big hands like I have).


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Aug 4, 2003
scabs?? ouch. You should at least take a week or 2 off to let that heal man. Personally I don't use anything but my bare hands when stretching and that works fine for me..


I think I've answered a similar question before on this board. I use baby powder to grip . I would think that a paper towel or similar paper product WOULD irritate the skin more...no matter how "soft" the paper is ...it is still an abrasive surface by nature. My hands get a little sweaty too. I simply let go of my dick and dry my hands, sprinkle on a little more powder and continue. No biggie there. As far as the skin abrasions go....I get that too. What I've found though, is that if I apply a moisturizing lotion to the irritated area right after I finish with my stretching , the irritation is gone within a couple hours. My glans seems to get less irritated now that I have been doing this for a few weeks. It still gets dry from the stretching but like I said, the lotion fixes that afterward.
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