Bumfights creator lauds teacher who showed Berg video


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Jun 3, 2003
"Bumfights creator lauds teacher who showed Berg video"
Bumfights creator lauds teacher who showed Berg video
KNSD-TV 7 San Diego |
"Bumfights, the highly controversial video showing homeless men getting drunk and fighting, was created by former Grossmont High School student Ryan McPherson. He is a former student of Grossmont High School social-sciences teacher Michael Smith, who allegedly played the audio of the decapitation video in class and showed students two still pictures of video - of images of Berg immediately before and after the decapitation. 'He's a great teacher,' said McPherson. 'He's the only teacher I've ever had that encouraged independent thought.' ... McPherson said that when he was a student in 2001, Smith allowed him to do a video project about unemployment. The video showed two homeless men applying for jobs at a donut shop . In the video, the men toss garbage from a Dumpster in celebration after being told that they had been hired, even though, in truth, they weren't hired."


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