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Jun 4, 2003
I've spoken about this a couple of times before... that there's no way you can totally change your own specific character. The best you can do is weed out the bad things and amplify the good points.

So in the footsteps of my peers I'm making a thread about the qualities that are prevalent amongst successful men... and I'm not just talking about successful with women.... in all facets of life. Pick out the ones that you already have and amplify them, work on the ones you have some of or would like to have.
Funny - People enjoy being around funny people... it’s a fact. Make a chick laugh and she's putty.

Intelligence and Creativity - Ever taught someone something new? Notice how they look at you in awe, as if you're some kind of God? Bring revelations to those around you, provoke their thoughts, and get their gears turning.

Education - This goes hand in hand with Intelligence and Creativity. Oddly, teaching a person something new is rather charming.

Classy and Cultured - Ok... this is hard to pull off at our age, since taking a hit off the beer bong isn't exactly a classy or cultured thing to do. I think it comes more into play in terms of your style and knowledge about things. Ever just been totally impressed with someone's knowledge about something you've never heard of? Know what clothes look good together (read: if you've got a black belt on, wear a pair of black shoes damnit!)

Dominance - Be the man in charge of things. Refuse to take a passive role in situations. Authority figures have this down. When it comes to women, they want you to make the decisions. Sure, give them a choice... but let it be between a couple of things that you would want yourself.

Thoughtfulness - Not the same as being wussy/AFC. Thoughtfulness can be anything from holding the door open for someone to leaving a note for your girlfriend. Hell, even telling your girl that you don't like her flirting so much with other guys is a form of thoughtfulness... but it also shows some insecurity, so do what you wish. The point is that you were thinking about them, and that goes a long way in today's era.

Noticing the Details - Chicks don't dress up for the hell of it. They don't spend 10 hours in front of the mirror putting on lipstick for nothing. They don't put on that Victoria Secret water bra just by chance. They WANT you to take notice of it. I'm not saying you should always compliment her, since busting on her about it also means you noticed it. Take notice of your boss' new power tie... there's a raise in it for ya

Unpredictabilty vs Predictability - A paradox. Women love unpredictable guys. Guys who will flirt relentlessly with her one night and then not call her for 2 days. The kinda guy who shows up at her job unexpectedly (read: thoughtfulness). Predictability though... Hydromaxm... pays off in the working world. And don't forget married life.... your wife really wants you to be predictable.

Enthusiastic, Fun, Happy - Ever been around a person who just ruins the fun. Always focused on the negative, bringing others down to his/her level. A killjoy. Putting down the things that others enjoy is a huge mistake. Don't be that person. I don't care if you just say "awesome" to everybody... but don't be a killjoy.

Adventurous thrill-seeker - Adventurism is sexy. People are instantly drawn to those who seek out the exciting, adrenaline inducing characters. I'm not saying jump off the Golden Gate without a bungee... but you can always talk about it as if you did. "Did I ever tell you about the time I was rock climbing and my line broke?"

Aggressive - I'm not talking about date rape here... put away the roofies. I'm talking about that goal setting, take the world by the horns attitude that makes chicks drip. Be passionate about something and go after it with no regrets. People envy that.

Confident and Cocky - I'm all about this and if y'all have met me you know I speak the truth. Women dig a confident guy... they yearn for one. But a confident guy who is a little cocky, just a little bit, will push her over the edge and make her go "WHAT? What's up with this guy?" I've had a girl tell me "You are the cockiest guy I know... thank God you can back it up." Want a visual example of a confident and cocky guy? Think of Maverick in Top Gun (Tom Cruise's character for you slow kids). Think of 007... I prefer the Sean Connery variety.

Expertise - Ties in with educated. Dont be afraid to let a person know that you're skilled in an area. Don't be cocky about it, but more in a "I'm good at this, let me show you how to be good at it too." Works really well with chicks and your skilled tongue.

Pay Attention - Chicks love attention... sure some might call it stalking, but the ladies love it. Big joke there kids. I'm not talking about sit there and listen to a person complain about their problems. That's paying the wrong kind of attention. This goes back to being thoughtful. Telling a chick "I was thinking about you, I really love the sound of your voice" is a hell of a lot more powerful than listening to her bitch about the new girl at work who's out to ruin her.

Disinterest, Indifference and a Challenge - This is simply "being different." Got a hot chick? Act slightly disinterested in her... you love her mind more than her ass. You're indifferent as to whether you get her on her knees or not. Got it? Try calling a chick "just because you were bored." But wait, don't guys usually WANT something? Gets her gears spinning. Don't get me wrong... you should still exude sexuality constantly... you're just not being needy... making her wonder if she's even attractive to you. "Why isn't he putting the moves on me??" Watch how eager she is to "get you interested"

Charm - Again... thoughtfulness and attention... but with a polished approach to it. 007 is a charmer... as is Pierce Brosnan in Thomas Crown Affair. Go watch Ocean's Eleven and look at George Clooney's character.... he is a charmer.

Be a Romantic - Find the beautiful parts of life, and embrace them. Look for opportunities for metaphoric/poetic comments, stories and overall chances to fiddle with EMOTIONS. We all should know that the way to a female's heart is through feelings. You shouldn't be too lovey dovey... but don't be a stone-faced stoic either ya know? That movie Don Juan DeMarco was pretty good at demonstrating a romantic character. He had this line about a chick's underwear, and how it barely touched her skin yet hugged her every curve.. and then he knew how a woman should be touched. Tell that to a chick and she's butter.

Know Body language - This is self explanatory. Mastery of non-verbals is a great aide. Sometimes the only IOIs you'll recieve are in the form of body language.

Sexual Mastery - Women love a guy who can fuck.... well. Learn what your girl likes, be the guy that can give it to her better than anyone else. Sex is a part of life, embrace it. "But what if she's timid?" Heh, then this is your opportunity to create a monster per se. Ask any girl your parents age (eh, that might be weird). I guarantee you that they vividly remember the best fuck they've ever had, where it was at and with whom. Its because of the emotions women associate with sex. Men do good to remember her name. A skillful lover is like kryptonite to a woman, instantly addicted to a man who can make her cum hard. As Eddie Murphy once said... "once you make your woman cum real hard, NOTHING you can do will ruin it. you can fuck up constantly and she'll still justify it... because you made her go WOOOOOOOOO!!!"

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