Bruised myself and didnt even know it...

I used rubber gloves with a good grip for the first time doing my stretches . Apparently I grabbed the head tip a bit too tight and bruised the shit out of my head. Its all black and purple. I felt no pain and I still do not feel any pain.

My question is, should I wait until the bruise is gone before doing any more Penis Enlargement? Again there is no pain, just ugly discoloration.



I'm pretty much a newbie to Pe ( 3 months now) but what i've noticed is, the tip of my penis is almost always bruised. I worried when I first started, but after taking a few days off and messaging it, I saw that normal color returned. since then I just stretch every day and so the bruising remains, Although
it sounds like your bruise it quite dark so common sense would say take a break, and also like a hickie, if you message it the discoloration with disapear much faster.


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Hi welcome both to MOS,
for this I would use warm wraps followed by cold wraps.
Do this for say 10 - 20 minutes when ya can i.e. when ya go for a shit/pee ;) , wrap the head of-course.
Also massage it when ya can, this will break up the bruise.

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