Bruise then Bump


Oct 12, 2003
Hello All,

I've been on and off training for the past few months. Throughout last week all I really did was Blaster stretches . Yesterday, I finally had time to do some girth work. After doing an intense fifty blasters, I began my dbl jelq and bend routine. After about a hundred, I notice a red spot about the size of a penny on my shaft right before the pelvic bone. It didn't hurt at all or anything so I continued about 300 more jelqs . When I was done, it looked the same, like a blood spot. Today, I only did some light stretching and noticed that the spot had pretty much gone away. But now there seems to be a small bump in that area. I can feel it when I press my finger against that area. It doesn't hurt or anything. So is this nothing to worry about? Sorry if these are stupid questions. Any feedback is much appreciated.