Break room designated English-only zone


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Jun 3, 2003
"Break room designated English-only zone"
Break room designated English-only zone
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"An Auckland medical laboratory has offered a separate lunch room for staff to speak a language other than English during their breaks... [Maurice Clist] had given several verbal warnings but earlier this month sent a memo to staff telling them they would be sacked if they spoke another language during the manufacture of medical laboratory supplies. Mr Clist said today he also wanted staff to speak English during lunch breaks but if they insisted, he would be happy to provide a separate room for those who wanted to speak another language... The lunch room was a place for staff to relax during their break and when a foreign language, particularly Indian, was spoken, it could create a 'trying' and not a relaxing atmosphere, he said. 'They don't want jabberwocky or gobbledegook going full bore. It is like machinegun fire. It is a staccato type speech. I don't want to be critical but it is not a smooth, quiet undertone. They get quite excited and some of the staff don't like it.'"

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