Boys allegedly torture helpless pets


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Jun 3, 2003
Boys allegedly torture helpless pets
Daily Post-Athenian |
"Englewood Police Sgt. David Greaves said Wednesday the charges stem from a case of abuse involving five kittens whose eyes had just begun to open and a small, mixed-breed dog. The boys involved are age 10 and 14, Greaves said. 'According to the witnesses, there were five kittens. They tied their rear legs together at the ankles, hit them against a tree and hung them up where the dogs could get them,' said Greaves, who is the Englewood Police Department's canine officer... Greaves said a small dog, belonging to one of the boys, has also been abused. 'The older child stated he loved his dog, but then he'd taken a box cutter to his dog just to see what it was like.'" [The state should tattoo POTENTIAL SERIAL KILLER across their foreheads.]