Books on Sexuality


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Jun 3, 2003
Books in Print on Male Sexuality Through the Years
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex but were Afraid to Ask by David Rubin.
First published in 1969, I remember purchasing my copy while in college. The book created quite a stir at the time as there were entire topics devoted to masturbation, homosexuality and impotency. Among other things, Rubin argued that homosexuals could become heterosexuals with the right professional help.

A popular comedy--a Woody Allen movie by the same name--was only very loosely based on the book topics.

The Sensuous Man by M.
Published under a "pen name" in 1971, this book also created a stir in that it explained specific techniques to be used by a man in performing oral sex on a woman. A companion volume, The Sensuous Woman, contained analogous information for women.

The Joy of Sex and the New Joy of Sex by Alex Comfort.
The original edition of this book, published in 1972, was famous for its diagrams of various sexual positions, and became the favorite US marriage manual. Later editions contained more material and more explicit diagrams, in case readers couldn't quite imagine the various positions based on word explanations alone.

Man's Body: An Owners Manual by the Diagram Group.
This is an excellent reference source containing all sorts of trivia about male sexuality, as well as information about other parts of a man's body as well.

Male Sexuality (1978) and the New Male Sexuality (1992) by Bernie Zilbergeld
The second edition of this book is, in my view, the best reference that has been written on the subject of male sexuality. It covers all aspects of male sexuality, and gives decent psychological advice about relationships as well. Very non-judgmental. The most famous part of this book are the "exercises" for dealing with premature ejaculation and improving one's sex life. Don't think of exercise as work.

The Hite Report on Male Sexuality by Shere Hite
Published in 1981, this is the classic treatise about male sexuality based on the results of voluntary surveys. I never quite know how representative the information obtained from such surveys is.

Sex for One: the Joy of Self Loving by Betty Dodson.
First published in 1974, a revision was published in 1987 and there is a new version just out. The book covers exactly what the title suggests. This is the only book I am aware of that is devoted entirely to that topic. Excellent pencil drawings done by the author and illustrating the techniques accompany the text.

Sexual Happiness for men: A Practical Guide by Maurice Yaffe and Elizabeth Fenwick
First published in 1986, this book has some excellent material on sexual orientation issues and developing relationships, including self-tests. Excellent hand drawn illustrations also accompany this text. This is a favorite reference source for sorting through sexual preference issues

Men are From Mars: Woman are from Venus, and a subsequent book Mars and Venus in the Bedroom, both by John Gray
These are the classic best sellers on building relationships between men and women.

Secrets to Better Sex by Joel Block.
This is a new book (copyright 1996) organized alphabetically by topic from Afterplay to Zipless sex.In particular, check out the material on pp. 199-200 on multiple male orgasms and the "perineum halt." Compare what is said in this book with the information contained in this paper.