Book alleges Hef fucks his bunnies


Jun 3, 2003
Book alleges Hef fucks his bunnies
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"Is Hugh Hefner a cuddly, sweet septuagenarian or an evil slave master? The New York Post reports that professional poker player Jill Ann Spaulding claims in a self-published book that the Playboy caliph keeps a dozen 'slave bunnies' who are ordered to have sex with him (for $2,000 a week). Jill Ann: Upstairs, which details the former Playboy model's brief time behind Playboy Mansion doors, also says the mansion 'isn't Barbie's Dreamhouse, but a brokerage house where dangerous sex is traded for stardom.' ... Hefner, who has gotten a pass from the media for decades, shrugged it all off, saying 'it's a sili book.'"

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