Blaster theory: why does it work?



Jun 4, 2003
As far as I know, this is one exercise that DLD is credited for inventing, although I believe others have probably done some type of kegel moves in conjunction with manual stretching or hanging . I've read all of the original threads by DLD, and he seems to believe that the reverse kegel during stretch helps negate the PC reflex and maximize stretch . After spending some time doing these types of exercises, I'm wondering now if the increased gains are coming as much or possibly more, because of the increased workout of the PC muscle?

Unlike the penis itself, we know that PC are indeed muscles, and can therefore be built up in strength and size. Now, we also know that in order to build up muscles, generally we must work against increasing resistance: to get larger muscles via weightlifting, we must lift progressively heavier loads. Now, men doing a kegel move without any other activity (stretching , etc.) do not have any resistance to this movement. I'm coming to believe that the resistance of the stretch while kegeling causes a definite increase in tension on the PC muscles. I can feel this most intensely doing the warm up portion, that is stretching straight up towards chest while doing 100 kegels. With a good stretch , the pull from the kegel is often so strong as to be painful if I don't relax my grip a bit.

I think that there is enough indication that this should be true in most cases: stretching while kegeling results in more intense workout of PC muscles. Consider women, who also exercise these muscles. Usually it is recommended that they use some type of device. Some of the simple ones are just tapered weights. They kegel to squeeze against the weight, the longer the hold it in the more workout of the muscle. Also there is at least one device called "kegelmaster" that has a variable spring resistance to work against. The inventor claims that she has "lifted her partner off the mattress" during sex, using only her vagina.

That device may not "be all that" but I believe it factual that many women have significantly increased the strength of their PC's by using some form of resistance. It's easier IMHO for a woman to use a device, because of the physical layout of their vagina. For men, unless some kind of anal device would work (ouch) it is much more difficult to apply resistance to the PC's.

Now, here is my hypotheses:

1. The development of the PC muscle is crucial to enlargement of the penis. This has been stated many times, but I'm coming to believe that it's even more important than we imagine.

2. Blaster-type exercises are effective in producing additional resistance to kegel moves, therefore the PC is more fully developed, therefore more/larger gains are possible.

I'm not negating the stretch portion, but I'm really wondering now if there could be other moves that stress and workout the PC muscle even more than blasters? I'll be getting a bib hanger very soon, as I think hanging is going to work better for me. I have several problems with manual stretching , including carpal tunnel, not getting good grip or stretch consistency, etc. I plan to experiment with kegeling while hanging at different angles and different loads, to see if I can progressively train the PC muscle with increasing resistance.

Often a balloon is used in analogy for discussing penis exercise. If you had a 6" x 5" balloon, let's suppose that it takes 10 psi to inflate fully. After stretching etc, it will expand to 8" x 6" BUT it will need increased pressure to do so. In our bodies, the PC muscle can provide extra pressure. IMO, this could explain why some see significantly increased FSL and little or no EL. And, why the erect and "cemented" gains seem to lag behind: it takes time for the PC to develop enough to provide the increase pressure to "fill up" the newly stretched tissue.

I still consider myself a newbie , but I want to grow as big as possible and as fast as possible. All information is useful, and I'd appreciate comments from any of the vets.
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Jun 8, 2003
The development of the PC muscle is crucial to enlargement of the penis. This has been stated many times, but I'm coming to believe that it's even more important than we imagine.
A long time ago when I was trying to get started on Penis Enlargementing, I was in a chatroom and had a conversation with someone who had problem achieving gains (reached a plateau). He said that to overcome this, he increased the number of PC flexes DRAMATICALLY. He basically did them all the time--in the car, watching tv, in class, etc. After doing this for a few days, he finally was getting gains again, and GOOD gains at that!


Jun 3, 2003
Wes, when I developed the DLD Blasters I had two objectives. The first was to strengthen the PC muscle. This is accomplished during the Kegel portion of the exercise. When we Kegel and stretch against it this in itself is creating a sort of isometrics and increasing the strength of that muscle. This by itself will make the penis larger for one simple reason, the penis will be able to hold more blood due to the increased capacity the PC muscle can handle. The stronger the PC muscle the better it's ability to hold blood. The more blood we can successfully hold in our penis the closer to it's NATURAL FULL POTENTIAL is becomes. Now the Reverse Kegel portion of the DLD Blaster is giving the user the ability to bypass the PC muscle during the unflex which in turn makes the ligs the primary source of support during the stretch . This is the reason I say to increase the stretch more when we reverse kegel. So DLD serve 2 purposes very well, they strengthen the PC muscle and they lengthen the penis.
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